The NEXUS 3001XLM-IMP is a Fully Automatic Brinell hardness tester. It is equipped with advance software, motorised stage and video measuring system to provide automatic indent and measurement in a single operation.

Nexus 3001XLM

  • Brinell
  • Load cell, closed loop system
  • Load range 30Kgf - 3000Kgf
  • 2-Position motorized turret (indenter/objective)
  • High resolution CCD camera
  • Fully automatic indent video measuring system, equipped with an automatic motorized turret/ revolver (indenter/objective positions)
  • Optical system with high quality objective
  • Indent ZOOM function
  • Automatic focus, automatic measurement, database testing results storage, image storage, report generator
  • Standard equipped with motorized spindle for fully automatic procedure
  • 15’’ Industrial HD Touch screen, Embedded Powerful Fanless System Controller, 32GB SSD data storage drive, Windows 7 Embedded, RJ45 LAN, WLAN, USB, RS-232
  • IMPRESSIONS™, full tester & configuration control, graphic indent simulation, test program setting for user defined test programs, large test results storage, 3 simultaneous conversions to other hardness scales, limit settings, advanced test report generator, CSV export, graphics display engine & many more functions