EMT Series

Electromagnetic force testing system. Allows long stroke lenghts, fast and highly accurate testing in a clean environment.


  • Environmentally friendly
    - Uses electricity efficiently according to the test force
    - Does not generate any waste oil or contaminate the environment
  • Fast, large Movements
    - Capable of sine wave cycle testing at speeds up to 2 m/s
    - 0 to 100mm stroke length
    - Allows ±20 µm displacement amplitude at 200 Hz frequencies
  • Low operating cost
    - Uses as little power as possible to allow continuing tests with no waste
    - Requires no hydraulic oil, filters or other consumables
  • Offers highly precise measurement and control, outstanding operability and clever functions
    - Allows 24-bit range-less, high resolution test force measurement and control
    - Offers full digital control for auto-tuning control parameters and waveform correction
    - Includes a specialized interactive controller that interacts via a colour LCD screen and touch panel