The Thermo Scientific HAAKE twin-screw compounders offer continuous compounding for small batches with feeding of different additives either liquid or solid along the extruder barrel. The twin screw compounders are well-suited for research and development in the polymer, pharmaceutical, food processing and nanotechnology sectors.

Available in: Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

Extruders and Compounders Products

Pharma 11 Twin-screw Extruder

Implement material- and labor-effective extrusion with Thermo ScientificTM Pharma 11 Twin-screw Extruder. It requires only a small amount of active pharmaceutical ingredient, operating at output levels as low as 20g/h.

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Process 11 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder

Optimize your time and money spent developing formulations for polymer and food products with the Thermo ScientificTM Process 11 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder.

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EuroLab 16 XL Twin-Screw Extruder

Thermo ScientificTM EuroLab 16 XL is an extendable, modular, bench top parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder for research and development, quality control, pilot plant and small-scale production.

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TSE 24 MC Twin-screw Extruder

Incorporate flexibility and ease of use intoyour small-scale production and test samples compounding with Thermo ScientificTM TSE 24 MC Twin-Screw Extruder.

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