Film Surface Analyzer 100 (FSA 100)

The FSA100 (Film Surface Analyzer) is a modular surface inspection system that is used in laboratories or during production. The film quality is assessed opto-electronically through the use of a high resolution CCD line scan camera (or full colour camera FSA200) with appropriate illumination technology. The LED or halogen light source will allow an optimal defect detection in transparent, opaque, dyed such as non-transparent plastic films.

Every defect detected is transferred with the defect image to the measurement protocol together with its feature vector (size, shape, position etc) and the defect image. The data is stored in an inspection report for analysis.

The system can be modified exactly to suit the respective.


  • Modular architecture for simple adaptation of additional measurement equipment
  • Individually calibrated lighting technology
  • Real-time defect analysis with result presentation in various ways
  • Transparency measurement
  • Simple operation via Menu-guided Windows desktop
  • Type of defects: Contamination, Fibres, Black spec, Gels, Foreign particles, holes, etc..

Camera CCD line scan camera
Lighting LED, halogen
Resolution from 5µm for tape test
25µm - 50 µm standard resolution
others on request
Inspection range From 5 mm film width
Remote control CAT 5 Extender, max. 100m