Web Inspection System FSP600

Web Inspection System FSP600 for the 100% surface control of transparent and opaque/coloured films for speed up to 1000m/min and resolution from 25µm and is perfectly adjustable to customers' requirement.

The lightning technologies (transmission or reflection mode) use high power blue/red/white LED and it allows defect detection of nearly all upcoming impurities in transparent and opque/coloured film during production process.

The defects are classified according to customised defect classes like flies, gels, black spec, scratches, bubbles, fisheyes, holes or repeating defects. The images of these defects are stored for further analysis.

The sophisticated software enables the operator to analyse the roll quality and to print customised quality protocols of the rolls.


  • Measuring principles, dependent on materials: transmission or reflection or transmission and reflection simultaneously
  • Lighting technologies: high power blue/ red/ white LED`s with chip on board technology (COB) and passive cooling management
  • Extended hole detection (EHD) for the detection of holes in white or opaque films
  • Mosaic container (RMC) to display the 100 most representative defect photos in one container Technical data
  • Protocols for general statistics and detailed description for each defect
  • The system gives an alarm (horn, marker, log in alarm file and on rolling map) and the operator can write a comment in the rolling map

Web Inspection system FSP600

Camera 1 - 10 CMOS line scan
Lighting HF-cycled, blue/ white /red LED, UV and IR light
Inspection width 100 mm - 8000 mm
Resolution from 25µm (depending on running speed and material)