Hydroshot HITS-X Series

Two models are available:
- HITS-TX High speed Puncture Impact Testing Machine
- HITS-PX High rate Tensile Testing


  • Dedicated hydraulic puncture testing machine
    The operating mechanism of this machine is designed so that the piston can only be driven at high speeds in the puncture direction. This machine is dedicated for puncture testing to enhance its operational safety.
  • Maximum speed of 20 m/s
    Material tests can be performed at a speed of 20 m/s (or 72 km/h) during impacts.
  • Test waveforms with low vibration noise
    The striker integrated with a force detector is a high-response detector, in which the force detector is built into the striker tip. This minimizes the inertial mass, thereby minimizing the effects of vibration noise. A new software filter processing function has been added to eliminate noise based on system specific parameters such as natural frequency (patent pending).
  • Vibration and impact resistant stroke detection mechanism
    The volumetric stroke detector uses the movable piston rod portion of the actuator as an electrode. This simple structure provides highly accurate vibration and impact resistant stroke detection.
  • The main frame is designed to be withstand impacts
    The frame is highly rigid and is structured to provide a large test space and to simplify environment control chamber installation. In addition, highly vibration resistant metal springs have been adopted to absorb impacts.
  • Enhanced safety mechanisms
    The machine is equipped with a safety cover, operator protective mat, two-switch test starting operation, a start timer, and other interlock systems.
  • Controller
    The controller is a dedicated controller for high-speed impact testing, equipped with a high response amplifier, a servo amplifier, communications functionality, and a start interlock system.
  • Software (Windows 10 compatible)
    The software dedicated for impact testing is used to specify test execution parameters, acquire data, and process data. It is equipped with waveform overlay, statistical processing, ASCII format conversion of data files, and other functions.