It is a laboratory system that is used for the quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) of the pellets and powder. It can also integrate to an on-line systems, it monitors the polymer quality during the production and improves the process control.

They are all equipped with high resolution camera (from 20 ┬Ám onwards) with special lighting systems to ensure the best possible pellet purity and form as well as the best possible powder consistency.

Furthermore they are fit out with the remote control appliance, which allows controlling the unit from a distance.

Available in: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam

Pellets/Powder Contamination Analyser

Pellet Scan PS25C

The PS25C inspection system is used to analyse transparent and opaque pellets. The testing material can be fed manually in a hopper or automatically by an online or a multi-hopper system. The pellets are transported on a vibrating channel pass the inspection zone. There the pellets are inspected with a high-resolution 3-CCD-chip colour camera for impurities, foreign bodies, or colour deviations.

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Pellet Shape and Size Distribution

OCS also provides shape and size system (PSSD). It is used for the analysis and classification of the size and shape of resin. It will capture all the shape and size of each granule such as twins, triples, spikes, dog- bones as well as pellets with fines and tails. It also offers a huge variety of customised configurations to fit the customers' needs and objectives perfectly.

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Pellet Analyser PA66

The combination of highly sensitive PSSD, PS25C and CM2(colour measurement option) conforms to the requirements with regard to purity, colour and property of the polymer pellets.

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