Sindre 600

The fully automated Sindre® imprint platform is an extension to the Obducat's NIL product family. The Sindre platform allows a consistent, reliable and high throughput manufacturing solution combining high resolution and CD-control with high yield.

The Sindre® platform encompass a comprehensive nanolithography solution combiningboth machine and process technology to ensure costefficient production. The Sindre® HVM system can be applied to several application areas such as OLED, LED, MEMS/NEMS (Micro/Nano Electromechanical System), Display and HDD, etc.


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  • Engineered for high reliability and low maintenance cost.
  • High yield and throughput performance result in more efficient total cost of ownership.
  • Softpress® ensures imprint uniformity all the way to the edges of the substrate, without the need of any planarization layers.
  • IPS® increase stamp lifetime and eliminates the risk of substrate breakage.
  • Simple up– and downstream processing. no need for additional adhesive pre-coating of substrates or any complex and expensive post-process spin-on etch layers.

The SINDRE® Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) systems are configured for fully automated high volume production, using Obducat's proprietary IPS®/STU® process.

Both cost efficiency and contamination control are achieved via hands-off operation and a superior cassette-to-cassette operating protocol. The standard configuration can achieve a throughput of 30 wafers per hour.

Imprint Area Up to 6"
Throughput 30 wph
Clean-room Compatibility Class 100
Mini Environment Class 10
Substrate Handling Cassette-to-casette
Computer controlled user interface Standard
STU® Standard
IPS® Standard