UH-X/FX Series

The UH-X/FX Series is a new hydraulic universal testing machine which provides ease-of-operation, high precision testing control and energy saving through environmentally friendly design. Applications include metal (steel), wood, reinforced concrete, steel rebar, composite materials, etc.

Capacity range: 200kN to 4000kN


  • Semi-auto tuning function enables high precision stress control and strain control (Conform to ISO 6892-2009 and JIS Z2241 metallic materials tensile test)
  • Extra-large colour LCD touch screen significantly improves ease of operation and visibility
  • UH-FX is equipped with Front-Opening hydraulic grips for ease of mounting/dismounting of specimens
  • Quieter hydraulic unit (UH-FX type)
  • Requires less hydraulic oil
  • Supported by cutting-edge TrapeziumX software with options for cycle, control and concrete testing
  • High reliability and safety features ensures user confidence