Flow Field Flow Fractionation add to, and complements, size exclusion chromatography (SEC) for macromolecular separations. Separation occurs without shear or adverse, non-ideal column interactions. The systems from Wyatt allows user to take full advantage of their favorite conventional SEC and AF4/HF5 separations in one convenient package.

Asymmetric-flow-field-flow-fractionation Products

Eclipse® AF4

The Eclipse® AF4 supports all AF4 techniques except Hollow-Fiber Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (HF5), which is covered by the Eclipse DualTec. However, the Eclipse AF4 supports the fritless AF4 channel which prevents the difficulties encountered by certain samples prone to aggregation at the relatively high concentrations typical of the AF4 focusing step. It also supports the semi-preparative channel.

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Eclipse® DualTecTM

Flow Field-Flow Fractionation is a uniquely versatile means of size-based separations, capable of fractionating and characterizing proteins and aggregates, liposomes, emulsions, viral particles, polysaccharides, nanoparticles, polymer latex particles, colloidal soil suspensions, chemical mechanical polishing slurries, and many more - with no stationary phase and almost no shear.

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The MobilityTM, in conjunction with an Eclipse® DualTec® or Eclipse AF4 asymmetrical-flow field-flow fractionation (AF4) system, separates macromolecules and particles from 1 nm to 10,000 nm by size and charge.

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