Shimadzu offers a comprehensive range of dynamic and fatigue testing systems from 10 N up to 1000 kN. Test frequency up to 20,000 Hz is made possible with the Ultrasonic Fatigue Tester.

Incorporating servo-hydraulic, electromagnetic and pneumatic technologies, these testing machines cover a broad range of fatigue, dynamic, and static testing applications. The applications include ultra high cycle fatigue, high cycle fatigue, low cycle fatigue, multi-axial, thermo-mechanical fatigue, crack propagation and growth studies, fracture toughness (KIC/COD & JIC), high strain rate, creep, stress-relaxation and other types of dynamic and static tests.

Available in: Singapore and Vietnam

Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machines Products

EHF Series

EHF series electric-hydraulic dynamic and fatigue testing systems feature servo-hydraulic actuators, which are able to accurately reproduce input waveforms. Therefore, they are highly accurate in applying loads ranging from low to high. From high-performance standard models to products customized to satisfy various unique testing requirements, these systems support a wide range of dynamic testing applications.

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EMT Series

Electromagnetic force testing system. Allows long stroke lenghts, fast and highly accurate testing in a clean environment.

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EHF-J Series

High capacity hydraulic actuator for full scale testing and evaluating large samples. The Jack systems are used to test strength characteristics by attaching the actuator to a test floor in a strong room, to a reaction wall, to a base plate (made of steel) or a testing frame, and then applying loads to samples in a specified mode. Two types of jack systems are available, either dynamic or static, based on the test objectives.

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Shimadzu's USF-2000 Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System delivers powerful accelerated testing of materials' fatigue strength at 20 kHz. The vibration is amplified by the booster and the horn; and transmitted to the test piece. It is possible to generate repeated stress on the test piece, perform uniform stress and testing; and to measure and obtain data at 109 to 1010 order of fatigue strength in days.

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Hydroshot HITS-X Series

Two models are available:
- HITS-TX High speed Puncture Impact Testing Machine
- HITS-PX High rate Tensile Testing

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Servo Controller 4830

The Servo Controller 4830 offers a wide array of functions and superb performance. It drastically enhances the accuracy of endurance and dynamic testing of materials and specimens. Utilizing advanced features and incorporating full digital control, the 4830 achieves world-class basic performance (test force accuracy of ±0.5% indicated value) with standard system.

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