Optical Contact Angle

OCA 200

The OCA 200 is the contact angle measuring and drop contour analysis system for microscopic and macroscopic structures. For the analysis of micro-structured samples the nanolitre dosing system is available which can generate down to 10 nanolitre small droplets. These droplets are small enough to fit, for example, between the screw threads of a dental implant whose surface is to be analysed. Even smaller structures can be analysed using the picolitre dosing system PDDS which can dose down to 30 picolitre small droplets. These allow contact angle measurement, for example, on the individual wires of the mesh structure of a coronary stent or on single fibres.

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  • sample table with motorized, software controlled X-, Y- and Z-axis
  • high performance 10-fold zoom lens
  • software controlled optics alignment for auto focus and adjustment of the observation angle
  • intuitive control panel with touch screen TP 50 for all electric components
  • video measuring system with USB 3.0 camera
  • LED-lighting with manual and software controlled intensity including automatic temperature drift compensation