GÖTTFERT runs a worldwide net of representatives in over 90 countries with a high level of technical and sales background to fulfill the near contact to interested groups.

Today the certified and accredited company comes with a wide range of products in this field for thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers and equipments under clean room conditions. The devices are built in modular small series to fit the different range of requirements.

On-line/At-line Melt Index Rheometer Product

Realtime Rheometer RTR/RTS

The REAL TIME RHEOMETER RTR/RTS is a capillary rheometer used in online quality control, which performs measurements on a continuous basis. The unit is used in production control and for monitoring high and low-viscosity polymers in the production and processing of raw materials.

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One of the most outstanding features of the MINI BYPASS RHEOGRAPH is its compact size. With a width of approx. 150 mm this new system is one of the smallest online rheometers available. Even in tight space this new design can be installed without problems. The measuring head weight of only 30 kg eliminates costly mounting arrangements. A new die exchange system makes die changes quick and easy.

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The SIDE STREAM RHEOMETER is based on the first melt return online capillary rheometer developed by GÖTTFERT many years ago. The new SSR uses the same annular melt transfer line as the old (the advantage is that only one tap hole is needed, making installation simple) and no waste stream is generated because the tested material is returned.

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Dynamic tests are required for the determination of the structural properties of Polymers. With previously used Online Capillary Rheometer just the determination of rheological properties in stationary mode was possible. The DOR enables both, simultaneous determination of visco-elastic properties in dynamic mode, as well as the online measurement of viscosity and melt index in stationary mode.

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