Composition-Gradient Multi-Angle Light Scattering (CG-MALS) employs a series of unfractionated samples of different composition or concentration in order to characterize a wide range of macromolecular interactions. No special modifications (e.g., sample tagging or immobilization procedures) are necessary: samples are unlabeled and entirely in solution. Calypso II system's automation enhances productivity while the CALYPSO software provides an unparalleled selection of interaction models. Relative to other techniques for characterizing protein interactions, such as surface plasmon resonance, sedimentation equilibrium, kinetic exclusion or isothermal titration calorimetry – as well as manual CG-MALS measurements - the Calypso II provides fast and accurate results.

Composition-Gradient MALS Products

Calypso II®

The Calypso® II, in conjunction with a DAWN® or miniDAWN® MALS detector, measures binding affinities and absolute, molecular stoichiometries of complex biomolecular interactions.

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