Torque Rheometer is a measuring mixer or extruder system used in quality control and research & development for materials such as polymers, rubber, ceramic mixtures or food. It deliver information about melting behavior, effect of additives on processability, temperature or shear stability, and rheological properties.The advantage ofmodular torque rheometer is that an interchangeable mixer, single-screw extruder, or conical and parallel twin-screw extruder can be attached to maximize flexibility for daily measuring needs.

Available in: Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

Torque Rheometer Products

HAAKE™ PolyLab™ OS system

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE PolyLab OS is a modular torque rheometer platform for process engineering applications.

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HAAKE™ PolyLab™ QC System

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE PolyLab QC is a measuring mixer and extruder system that focused on Quality Management (QC) needs.

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