Wyatt instruments includes unique on-line differential refractometers (dRI) detectors that serve as accurate and versatile concentration detectors in all types of solvents of any macromolecule regardless of chromophores.

dRI is part of standard instrumentation for a variety of macromolecular characterization techniques including standard chromatography, SEC-MALS, FFF-MALS and CG-MALS. The high-concentration detector accommodates protein concentration up to 180 mg/mL.

Refractometers Products


The Optilab® (refractometer with¬†EXtended range) is a unique dRI detector for standard HPLC/GPC with 256 times the detection power and 50 times the dynamic range of every other RI detector for chromatography in existence today, making it a valuable addition to any MALS setup.

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