The Möbiuζ from Wyatt measures electrophoretic mobility of macromolecules and particles via phase analysis light scattering (PALS). Simultaneously it measures size via dynamic light scattering (DLS). The combination of mobility + size permits calculation of the zeta potential, an indicator of nanoparticle stability in suspension. The Möbiuζ incorporates a flow cell for connection to an autosampler. It may also be used in manual mode, either with a dip electrode or by injecting sample into the cell with a syringe.

Electrophoretic Mobility Products


Wyatt Technology's Möbiuζ® is the first and only light scattering instrument that makes reliable, reproducible, and non-destructive electrophoretic mobility measurements of macromolecules as small as 2 nm in radius (as well as micron-size nanoparticles) in most aqueous buffers.

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